2017 Robot Teams The robots on the drawing board for the 2017 season:

ExecutorPixiePlan X Mad OXClimaxx


Competition Schedule Combat robots and other engineering

RoboBots- Meadville, PA April 1st 2017

XtremeBots- Dayton, Ohio robotic tournament. Nutter Center, Wright State University, April 15, 2017

NRL National Finals - May 19th- 20th 2017, California University of PA.

Technology Student Association-
TSA State Conference - April 19-22, Seven Springs Resort, PA



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I will be at the school Sunday, 5/14/17 at 10:00AM.  I will stay until I need to so things can get finished... Plan accordingly... This WILL be the last weekend I will be at school!

Welcome to the temporary home of www.Rage-in-the-cage.com! With the arena construction taking up most of my creative time, this will be the dual website for both The Rage in the Cage tournament and Team Malicious Intent's portal. check out the following link to some video from the Rage in the Cage last year... The following links should be used to download the 2017 Registration Form and the 2017 Competitors Agreement.

Download the Rage-in-the-Cage 2017 poster at the following links.
Large 22" x 17" PDF poster
letter Sized PDF Poster


Important Announcement: The Rage in the Cage has signed a contract to host our spring robot tournament at the Lycoming Mall in Muncy, PA on April 29th , 2017. Please check out the official announcement on the NRL website.

Below is a link to the 2013 Rage in the Cage Tournament. The was the first tournament in the newly constructed arena: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbjFPxwjbkw

For those looking for another robotic tournament to participate in this year, please consider registering for the Rage in the Cage tournament.

Work Schedule - Time to get building!

Robotics students... there is only 5 weeks till the RoboBots Tournament in Meadville, PA ... I will be in on Saturday Feburary 25th - Sunday hours will be posted soon..... This is it, time to finish all of our work! Get those documents done! Executor and Pixie will be tested against the best robots in Pennsylvania. We are hoping to return to the podium after a 6 year absence.

2014 Dayton XtremeBots Tournament: We made the journey to the state of Ohio to test our 2014 robot designs. We finished the tournament in first place with Executor and were awarded Best Engieered Robot with our totally new design Foxx. It was a good trip! Check out the following video!

New Laser Engraver- This a really cool video of our Legacy Laser that was made possible by the Alcoa Foundation and Kawneer. We were excited to add this laser to our engineering classroom. You can see from this video we are starting to make some awesome projects that were not possible before this time. Hopefully in the next few weeks will be able to showcase a number of new student projects!

Past Engineering Seasons
The TSA and robotics teams are starting to meet after school to prepare for another challenging year of competition. Be sure to get started soon so we can get to as many tournaments as we can this year. We missed out on most of last year due to student apathy... Don't let it happen to your opportunities! If the results from the Flugtag Event are any indication, Bloomsburg has reloaded and will be making a serious run at the Robotic Title again... ;-)

The 2010 Philadelphia Flugtag was a blast! Hopefully we can get some pictures up in the next few days...

Some links to event pics: www.bloomsd.k12.pa.us/robotics/eventpics/pic1.jpg www.bloomsd.k12.pa.us/robotics/eventpics/pic2.jpg www.bloomsd.k12.pa.us/robotics/eventpics/pic3.jpg www.bloomsd.k12.pa.us/robotics/eventpics/pic4.jpg www.bloomsd.k12.pa.us/robotics/eventpics/pic5.jpg www.bloomsd.k12.pa.us/robotics/eventpics/pic6.jpg www.bloomsd.k12.pa.us/robotics/eventpics/pic7.jpg www.bloomsd.k12.pa.us/robotics/eventpics/pic8.jpg www.bloomsd.k12.pa.us/robotics/eventpics/pic9.jpg www.bloomsd.k12.pa.us/robotics/eventpics/pic10.jpg www.bloomsd.k12.pa.us/robotics/eventpics/pic11.jpg www.bloomsd.k12.pa.us/robotics/eventpics/pic12.jpg www.bloomsd.k12.pa.us/robotics/eventpics/pic13.jpg www.bloomsd.k12.pa.us/robotics/eventpics/pic14.jpg www.bloomsd.k12.pa.us/robotics/eventpics/pic15.jpg www.bloomsd.k12.pa.us/robotics/eventpics/pic16.jpg www.bloomsd.k12.pa.us/robotics/eventpics/pic17.jpg

Making these events is the students opportunity and choice. Those that make the commitment will be eligible to attend, those that choose not participate have made their decision not to attend the events.

FLUGTAG is Coming Back to Bloomsburg High School! Having missed out on a few years of flying although we have participated in the SoapBox events. But now Bloomsburg is ready to get their WiiNGS back on! We won the Flugtag event in NYC back in 2003 with Pedal Power and placed second in Cleveland with AeroBus! It's about time for us to return to the podium! The year we will be competing in Philadelphia, Labor Day Weekend, and our team is the Test Crash Kids

The Engineering Program At Bloomsburg:

YouTube video links:

For those BBIQ teams checking out the competition for this years National Championship, take a moment and prepare to witness what this event is all about. EXCITEMENT! Sit down and observe what mini class robots can actually do...





2008 was marked with re-building a team from scratch... The entire team went out with a bang last year, actually they graduated. But they definitely made their mark on the BotsIQ world. Their mini robots finished finished 2nd in 2005, first, second and third in 2006 and first, 4th and 8th in 2007. Along the way they have also been awarded the "Best Engineered" robot in 2005 and 2007. The "Coolest Robot" was earned in 2006 and 2007. The team also was given the "Best Documentation" award in 2006 and were runners up in 2007... These students will be missed, but their spirit will live on! Malicious Intent will be back, re-loaded!

For everybody, who doesn't know us or came to this website by "accident": We are Malicious Intent, a team of student engineers from Bloomsburg High School , Pennsylvania . Our major project is building robots that compete against robots from all over the US in a program called "Bots IQ". Maybe you already watched BattleBot fights on television. This is basically what we do. With a long experienced advisor Kirk Marshall, Bloomsburg High School students have the opportunity to join the robotics team. Our robots are all designed, manufactured, tested, and driven by students. We do not have any professional help except for Mr. Marshall. Each student learns how to specialize in one specific sector that he is responsible for. Team members usually stay after school almost every day to improve robots, often having other extracurricular activities such as sports. Over many years, different robots were built and competed. Four of our older robots, Axis, Chrome Dome, X, and Son of X are already retired. New robots are designed and old ones rebuilt usually in the beginning of the year. To sponsor our needs of material etc., we fund raise a lot. We also are always looking for sponsors. If you want to become a sponsor, please select "Sponsors" in the navigation menu at the left. Have fun clicking through our website!

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