2012 Robot Teams The robots on the drawing board for the 2012 season:

Executor PixieRhynex


Competition Schedule Combat robots and other engineering

RoboBots- Meadville, PA March 23rd- 24th
NRL National Finals - May 3rd- 6th, Indianapolis, IN.

Technology Student Association-
TSA State Conference - April 18th-21st, Seven Springs Resort, PA

TSA National Conference - June 21st - June 25th, 2012, Nashville, TN



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15 lbs. Combat Robots


Version2 2008

Class : BBIQ Mini (15lb)
Primary Weapon : Spinning drum
Secondary Weapon : Aluminum wedge
Power: Two Li Ion pack
Drive Motors: Two BaneBots
Weapon Motor: One Faigao Brushless
Armor: Titanium, aluminum, and lexan
Current Status: Re-Engineering


2007- eight place nationally - 5-2
2008 - Best Engineered - Robot BotsIQ National
2009 - Bots IQ National Champion - San Franciso, CA
2010 - Dayton Ohio DTMA Tournament Champion
2011 - NERC Tournament Champion, Motorama, Harrisburg, PA



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